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I went on Sunday. I enjoyed it, but even less there for analogue users than last year. It was great to see some of Tim Rudman's lith prints in the flesh on the Ilford Harman stand and good to have a chat with Simon Galley again. I don't know how he does it, but he always remembers your face and when and where he last met you! The Harman stand were plugging SFX and in particular their new inkjet fibre paper. They also had a DeVere enlarger with the digi head and were pushing the new fibre paper for that as well. I missed Les' demos unfortunately (although I believe they were all digital talks). Last year, Harman were very much analogue B&W, this year they were a mix of analogue and digital but the emphasis was probably more on the digital side.

I especially enjoyed David Ward's intro to large format. I'm not a LF photographer but I was sorely tempted, especially when I was looking at the "build your own" 5x4 camera from Badger and the guy there was clearly wanting to do a deal.

Lots of the usual stands for portrait and wedding photogs, along with a lot of stands dedicated to digital printing, (I know as the friend I was with was after an A2 printer and we went around all of them ). Also, a number of computer software companies large and small, e.g. Apple, Adobe and smaller PS plug-in companies.

As already mentioned elsewhere, a number of regular analogue specialists weren't there, in particular Robert White. I see that they are having their own show down in Bournemouth. I suspect that's the best way forward for analogue specialists now. The market is getting smaller and smaller and these big shows are no longer cost effective.

I was hoping to attend yesterday, but was unable to. It is heart sinking when analogue photography seems to be a declining market.
I will check out Robert White`s site.
Thanks for replying.

P.S. Did you take a look at the Paterson stand?