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It is heart sinking when analogue photography seems to be a declining market.


P.S. Did you take a look at the Paterson stand?
Well, Focus is a trade event to which the general public are also allowed in and the trade is predominately digital now. So, I think smaller, very specific shows targeted at the analogue user will become the order of the day. Things like the APUG conference and the Silver Conference that Ilford Harman are organising will become more important.

I walked past the Paterson stand but I didn't have time to stop. They had their developing tanks, spirals, contact printing frames etc on display. I can't remember seeing any chemicals, but I could easily have missed them.

I had a quick look at the Kentmere stand but it was very busy so I didn't get a chance to talk to people there either. I wanted to ask them what the status was on the Document Art and Classic Art replacements, or if they've given up on them.

Overall, the show seemed to be very well attended. I got there about 10:20 am and went straight to the Ilford Harman stand. It was already buzzing. Last year at that time, the stand along with the rest of the hall was relatively empty.