Due to the crush of other things I have not been able to participate here as I could in the past. But someone drew my attention to this thread.

The quest for a replacement paper for Azo is continuing. Paula and I will be testing paper in April when we return from a trip we are on. So far the replacement paper has not been right. We expect that eventually the paper will be the same as or superior to Azo.

Regarding a comment in this thread about the "marketing hype" surrounding Azo, a quick summary of my activity regarding Azo.

In 1996 I wrote an article about Azo for View Camera magazine. A number of photographers, who had not previously been familiar with Azo started printing on it. Some years later, Azo was going to be discontinued. Kodak told me that "someone had to step up to the plate and stock it" in order to keep it in production. They offered me and Paula a limited distributorship. We turned them down and asked Freestyle to stock the paper. They did stock it, but before a year was out called us and asked us to buy all of their remaining inventory--the business had been sold to a new owner and they were dumping Azo. Wanting to save the paper, we immediately called Kodak and eventually became limited dealers of this paper. We never marketed it. The only thing we ever did was post its availability on our web site and from time to time write about the results we had achieved with it. We never advertised it. I go on record here objecting to the slur about "marketing hype." We could have gotten paper for ourselves and not sold any to anyone else. We became dealers to others not for financial gain (there was no profit in selling Azo--if our time is counted at even $5/hour we lost money), but so others could use this wonderful paper.

Paula and I will not cease in our attempts to have a repalcement paper made.