Hi Cheryl

I really understand it very good because I have a bit a similar action going on.I have to take a wedding shooting from a very sick woman at 10. July and she told me on the phone "it will be my last large event and my last wish but I'm not strong enough to make it longer then for 3 hours including the church and apero after the church".
But she hopes to survive till then. Mabye she took me because she nows from others thad I'm a really fast wedding photographer and have never failed till now, nock on wood!
I got also very silent when she was first time on the phone and told me here story just yesterday, she has to do everything in a hurry now, what she wants completed!
Normaly I do not accept so short weddings, but in this case I will do it and give my best for here and the whole family!
All the best to you Cheryl!!!