Hi PE, thanks for the info. I'll put less photoflo

but the formalin did not seem to fog it too much. I coated another film with chrom allum and I'll see how it goes. By the way, I just came from the dark room and developed some film stripes in reversal and it came positive (very low contrast though - will try longer 1st developer). Once it dries I ppost the pics. Cheers

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Ok, I think that is too much photo flo. I use 0.5 ml/100 ml of emulsion.

But, most importantly, using that sulfur sensitization I described previously will probably boost your speed to over 25. I've gotten 40 in most cases. You will also get higher contrast.

If you use the prehardener, it is a good idea to wash afterwards and then fully process the film. If the film is left in contact with the formalin overnight, it can fog the film. Formalin can do that. It depends.