THANK YOU for jogging my memory! "Happy Snappers" was the name exactly! You would think that I of all people should have remembered that one! I do sorta remember a guy named Sam too, I think. If I recall correctly, there was a field trip that involved getting over and around the barbed wire at the Lafayette Reservoir, long day's worth of shooting and a bunch of skinny dipping photo hippies sometime after the sun went down and the EBMUD trucks went home. I cannot tell you about of the photos done that day, but the laughter was unbelievable! I think you might have been the guy with the 8x10 and the best vintage beverage if I am not mistaken. I wonder whatever became of all those folks. I was not able to participate in too many of the trips, but the discussions and critiquing was incredible. Did you used to have a ponytail?
Wow, what a small damn world!