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It was rumoured that the Paterson range of photo-chemicals would be relaunched at this years show, but no mention of this on the Paterson website to be fair.
The chemicals were there: I saw them and taked with Roger Parry.

Fotospeed/Kaiser/Nova etc. had a fair amount of 'real' stuff; Ilford was excellent, as ever, though they were pushing their new FB inkjet paper; Fuji's Choosefilm.com has been mentioned elsewhere; and De Vere's digital enlarger was fascinating -- they made a proper MG WT print from a 'neg' (B+W file) I shot with a Leica M8 (don't worry -- I had an MP as well...). And if I could afford a Chrysotype, I'd buy one. Silvershotz was there; so was GMC (B+W Magazine); and the Linhof & Professional stand ('The Hub') was well worth visiting. Bob Rigby had 'real' stuff, and so did RK -- who have lots of new Meoptas in stock, incidentally.

There were several excellent exhibitions, many of them silver halide, but an awful lot of it was pure digital.