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The chemicals were there: I saw them and taked with Roger Parry.

Fotospeed/Kaiser/Nova etc. had a fair amount of 'real' stuff; Ilford was excellent, as ever, though they were pushing their new FB inkjet paper; Fuji's Choosefilm.com has been mentioned elsewhere; and De Vere's digital enlarger was fascinating -- they made a proper MG WT print from a 'neg' (B+W file) I shot with a Leica M8 (don't worry -- I had an MP as well...). And if I could afford a Chrysotype, I'd buy one. Silvershotz was there; so was GMC (B+W Magazine); and the Linhof & Professional stand ('The Hub') was well worth visiting. Bob Rigby had 'real' stuff, and so did RK -- who have lots of new Meoptas in stock, incidentally.

There were several excellent exhibitions, many of them silver halide, but an awful lot of it was pure digital.


Thanks for that Roger, perhaps they will mention this on their site.
Hope you enjoyed the visit.