My contribution in the traveling portfolio is from a Tri-X/PMK neg. Let us know when it arrives!

I like the look of Tri-X in pyro. Right now I'm using PMK for negs to be enlarged (4x5 and smaller) and ABC in Michael Smith's dilution for negs to be contact printed (8x10" and larger). PMK produces more background stain, which has something of a grain masking effect, while ABC is pretty grainy, but that's not so important for contact prints. With both, the image stain is proportional to the silver density of the negative, so it extends the scale somewhat. With PMK, there is a contrast control effect on VC paper, due to the yellow masking, that Hutchings discusses in the _Book of Pyro_.

I haven't decided whether I like it better than Delta 400 in Perceptol, which, like Tri-X/PMK, is good at rendering delicate highlights and has a nice scale, but Delta 400 is only available in 35mm and medium format, and I'd rather stick to fewer film/developer combos than more, just for greater tonal consistency across formats.