Just been to the NEC and stopped off at Banbury to see the Michael Kenna exhibition on the way back. Matt paper: who'da thunk it...

I entered the enemy camp armed with a Silverprint carrier bag as a statement of intent...

Paterson had developers in a new livery. Don't know if real or mock-ups as they were in a glass display case. RK Photographic had new SFX at 3 x 35mm rolls for a tenner (not quite the 7.00 per roll a certain weekly UK photo magazine predicted...).

Somewhat disappointed that the FujiFilm stand appeared to not acknowledge the last syllable of its name and had no film in evidence at all (though a retailer next to them had some in a fridge).

Spoke briefly to Tim Rudman who had a display of prints on the Ilford/Harman stand. Those lith jobbies are really something in the flesh - far more subtle tones than are evident in the book illustrations. Saw Les but he was busy talking to two Ilford suits and was gone when next I passed.

Lots of interesting images dotted about (much of it inkjet posters (and I mean "posters" - a lot of BIIIIIG printouts as printer makers show off how wide/long theirs is...) but hey: it's primarily an industry/pro show so that's to be expected) but some nice stuff on Ilford, Kentmere and some of the framing suppliers etc stands.

Cheers, Bob.