Fellow ULF (and other non-standard format) Shooters,

The deadline for the current Ilford ULF special order program is rapidly approaching. The orders from the dealers to the distributor are due by the end of the business day this Friday 3/2/07. In order to give your dealer time to process your order and forward it on to the distributor, it is recommended that you place your order by EOD, Thursday 3/1/07 - that's TOMORROW!

This special order program has not received nearly the same level of discussion as the initial offering last year. Perhaps we have become spoiled and are taking the future availabity of ULF and special size films for granted. I strongly urge otherwise. This is a once a year, at best, event. With the recent closing of the Forte plant, and J&C on extended hiatus we need to send a clear mesage to Ilford, and other ULF and potential ULF producers, that there is a viable market for ULF film. Better yet, let's show them the market is vibrant and growing. Time to speak with our collective wallets. If we want these products to be availbale in the future, we need to support the manufacturers today.

I have no financial interest in this special order program. I'm just a fellow ULF photographer who wants to remind you that the deadline is near, the clock is ticking and the time to call your dealer and place your order is now. Here's a list of participating dealers (in alphabetic order):

Big Camera Workshops (Canada)
Badger Graphic Sales
B&H Photo & Video
Freestyle Sales
Glazers (Seattle)
Keeble & Shuchat Photography
The View Camera Store

Note: As this is a special ordfer program, not all dealers have the products and prices listed on their web sites. It is best to call them for details.

For a complete list of sizes, product codes and suggested retail prices, see this thread on APUG.