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If you do not know it, I would highly recommend David Attenborough's series Life in the Undergrowth (along, of course, with Microcosmos mentioned before). It is simply stunning in terms of sheer photographic virtuosity but also in terms of beauty. There is a sequence of mating slugs, in episode III I think, which is the most beautiful, most passionate and most visually poetic sex scene I have ever encountered - and that includes humans! and hollywood's best shots! Now you probably think I am some hopeless insect nut, but do watch it - the smaller majority are beautiful. If we fail to capture that beauty, we need to try harder.

I absolutely agree. When I started with macro photography, I opened a whole new world for me. A world full of drama. Spider moms guarding their young, courting jumping spiders doing a flashy dance and then moving in with the female, hornets trying to chase me off with a wave of their front legs, weary young bumblebee queens trying to bring enough food home on rainy days, butterflies escaping birds with their sloppy flight acrobatics that somehow mostly do the trick - it's a richer world when you know what's going on in your backyard.