Some people have read the review that Frances Schultz and I did in Shutterbug and are wondering where to get this stuff in the USA -- although we list Freestyle as distributors, it's not on their website yet.

I've just been talking to Eric Joseph at Freestyle and he confirms that it's on its way to them. The reason it's not on his site is that they don't like to list anything until it is actually in stock. I commend them for this!

If you've not read the review, the bottom line is that it's warm, romantic, soft and grainy -- a sort of C41 equivalent of the old Scotch 1000D -- and that it can be surprisingly good for liths, but discount anything you've heard about its giving good tonality on ordinary B+W paper. There are of course pics supporting our assertions in the review. We like it, but it's a completely different film from (say) Kodak Portra 400, against which we compared it directly.