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I think thats my point.. There is alot going on in the micro world but %99.99 of the insect photographs i see are "look you can see the hairs on the head of this fly". The photos just dont stand on their own without a long description attached to them.
I agree - but I also think that's because most people can't recognize for instance a threatening pose by an insect. Have a look at this one:

To me, it's perfectly clear that the ant is issuing a last warning to the lady bug. But how would you tell that to someone who can't read these animals?

In the light of the whole series: http://www.pbase.com/antjes/lady_bug
this might become more clear.

I actually think that it's easier with spiders. It's clear that this one is angry: Angry Spider while this one belongs to the most curious spider species you can meet: Curious Spider
And here I tried to show how vast a spider's realm is for that little critter: Vast More so if you are very small: Very small critter

To depict what happens and not what it looks like (and to make someone care about it) is the art of it, I agree. But with all things subjective, it depends a whole lot on who's watching. Being unable to see what moves an insect or a spider is to me almost as being blind to see what moves dogs.