I use an older Beseler 23C enlarger with a condenser head. The enlarger has a large filter drawer below the light source for 5.5"x5.5" filters, and has a smaller drawer of sorts between the negative and the lens. This smaller drawer holds filters that are approx 2.25"x2.25". I have an older set of Beseler VC filters that are mounted in a plastic frame with the filters themselves being plastic and somwhat concave (convex?) and I believe they go into this smaller drawer(?)They are very durable. There are no provisions for below the lens mounting of filters. My question: The Beseler filters are okay but limited in their ability to produce varying grades of contrast and besides, the set is incomplete (1-4 with .5 increments). Are there mounted filters available that would fit this drawer? This seems like and ideal situation for filters. Would I be better off using the larger filter drawer with the larger unmounted filters or would it be best to get a mount of sorts and use filters below the lens?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.