Yes, as you already said, macro world is out of our normal frame. You cannot read emotions in insects because you had no interest in it. Is it you assumption that they have no emotions? Might be they do not have that quality, but might be they have some other quality. It is you as photographer to discover it. There are out there so many books about insects and they habits and living. Photographer is not shooter but much more, and I hope you are not that digital machine-guner. Discovery…. Believe me, when emotions come in question, people that have such quality are really sooooo rare today in western world, and majority are with totally unpredictable behavior.
If you have an interest in “macro” photography (I would rather say close up in my case, but it is only name) I think you should make a lot of work and study before you take camera, and I am sure you will change your main.
Macro world is fascinating and you can make so many photographs not getting out of your backyard. I also believe that, say insects, have much better organized life than humans. We do not understand them, do they understand us? Take it as your chance.