Greetings all!

First off, let me again thank everyone who participated in Round 9 - it was a wonderful round, both in quality and diversity of postcards, and in regard to the level of participation. Here are the details for Round 10 of the Exchange for those who are (or might be) interested in participating. All of specifics of the Exchange are here APUG Postcard Exchange Introduction and Schedules for those of you who are not already familiar with them, or for anyone who might be interested in reviewing any changes that might have happened since they last participated.

The schedule for Round 10 is as follows:

March: Sign up for Round 10
April: Print and Post
May: Breather

What I would ask of everyone who is interested in this round is for you to PM or Email me with your real name, your APUG name, an email address where you would like your list sent, and your physical mailing address so that I can build a list of participants. Once I have your info I'll keep it on file for future rounds, so those of you who were in Round 9 are on file unless you know you never provided an email address.

When you sign up, please let me know how many cards you would like to print at a maximum so that I can arrange it so that no one feels obligated to print more cards than they feel up to printing. Everyone will get the same number of cards that they send out, barring drop outs of course.

Alright! I would like to thank everyone who has participated in the exchange since I've been in it, and thank in advance everyone who will be in for this round. This is a most rewarding exchange because there are so many different cards from all over the world, and I would encourage everyone who is interested to join up. I''l be sure to keep a list of participants listed in this thread so that everyone can see how many cards there will be.

Thanks again!

- Randy