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...and negative sleeves (can't find even good 120 sleeves here anymore)...
Try having a look at fotomatica.it
They are very (and I mean REALLY) good at execution, incredibly helpful, and overall rank #1 in online suppliers (just barely in front of Robert White in my book, and that's saying alot).
Bought Technidol from them, one vial arrived broken (by the way, every single bottle is individually sealed in several bags so breakage, if it occurs, doesn't ruin any thing else). They shipped me another box with my next order, free. They bend over backwards to help.
But to get to the point, they have the pergamine sleeves (Panodia) which I swear by, and they're close to you - ish.
If language is an issue, I can help.
I checked if I had any Polaroid packs left over as I don't use it on the Hassie anymore, but I burnt through the rest I had seemingly... sorry.