There has been a lot of talk back and forth here and on other forums relating to the long delay in the re-opening of J and C photo. Lots of what I feel is undeserved criticism has been posted directed towards what I have regarded as a reliable dealer for B&W products to many of us.

Well, here is the latest information, something I have known for quite some time, and learned quite by accident. It was something I was asked not to discuss.

John Minakais became critically ill just as he began the transfer of his facility from KC to Nevada. He is now on the road to full recovery. That is the entire story behind the delay. Everything was in place for the move as scheduled when he became suddenly ill. At that time, all plans were placed on hold until he could fully recover, and proceed with his staff to move the facility.

Seeiing all of the speculation, I took it on myself to contact him and urge him to post something regarding this, just for the sake of his business, but he was rather reluctant to do so. He finally said OK just today as he is feeling very much better and getting back on top of things.

All of the comments of phones being disconnected or lack of communication were due to the fact that he had started the move and suddenly ended up in the hospital with the business literally in the process of being split up and moved. He and his staff were unable to complete many of the pending business communications, but he is now getting things back up to speed.

So, there you have it, in full.

I say God bless him, and wish him success.

To those few of you who may have known about this, John gives his thanks for keeping his confidence. He wishes us all the best here on APUG as well as those on the other forums.