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That may have been a special Focus price - probably best to save the hurrahs until it hits the shops... Still, at 4.50 per roll (the single roll price at Focus) it's unlikely to rise as far as 7.

Cheers, Bob.
I've just had a look at RK Photographic's site and they've listed 35mm at 5.95 each and 120 at 4.95! If it stays like that I'll have to make do with the out of date stash still in the fridge, which is a shame 'cos could do with getting some of the space back. Perhaps some of the other online dealers will get some in and sell it at a lower price. The last lot I bought was about 3.50 a roll which makes it more viable for use. Shame I didn't get round to Focus, was suffering somewhat from going Quad Biking the day before!