Well, I just placed my order - without the product code for 4x10 FP4+ (like Sanjay). Although I'm sure most dealers would prefer you placed your order today, I'm sure they'll still accept additional orders tomorrow morning. My dealer was also willing to accept my 4x10 order and forward it on to Wynit without the proper product code. Hopefully, Wynit will have the codes by EOB tomorrow and will assign them to the 4x10 orders.

So, if you want any Ilford films in these sizes (ULF and other non-standard formats, such as 6.5x8.5, 7x11. 5x12, etc.), I urge you to place your orders without delay. This is a once a year program. I ordered enough FP4+ in three different sizes (4x10, 7x17 and 14x17) to last a year. I would have liked to order more of each and another format or two as well, but like most my film fund has it's limits. I'm just thrilled to be able to get this great film in these unusual sizes. I hope the program is a success for Ilford and they continue to offer it on a yearly basis.