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I have placed my order for 7x11 and 4x10... hoping they both make the cut this year.
Perhaps a question for Simon - should the underappreciated formats (i.e. 4x10 and 7x11) not receive enough aggregate orders to justify cutting and packaging those sizes, would it be possible to contact the customers who ordered those sizes (through your dealers) to give them a chance to up their orders in hopes of meeting the minimum?

Personally, I ordered a one year supply of 4x10 FP4+. However, if there isn't enough total orders to meet the minimum (but we are close), I may consider doubling my order (FP4+ seems to keep well in the freezer). I could have simply ordered more 4x10 up front, but without knowing in advance if it will actually make the cut (literally), I didn't want to place all my eggs in one basket. Ideally, I'd like to order a year's supply on an annual basis. However, my fear is if we don't quite make the minimum, we'll never get any 4x10 (or whatever format) cut. In other words, I'd be willing to order a two year supply every two years if that iss the only way to get my formats of choice cut and delivered. The problem is, I don't know in advance whether or not my underappreciated formats will meet the minimum quantities and if they don't, how much more it would take to meet those minimums.