MikeK will send me a manual when he gets a chance, but if anyone else has one to email to me it would be much appreciated.

I placed the color head on, but cannot seem to get the condenser bulb socket out. I guess, by definition, the color head is a condenser as well, but it uses the light pipe as opposed to the direct bulb. The light pipe is lit from one chamber above. I think the light pipe is supposed to light more evenly.

As I was saying, I got the color head on, but I could not pull the socket with the condenser bulb out of the back of the unit. The rails and pulley system gets in the way. Can I remove the socket without taking the entire thing apart? Is there a screw or nut or release that I am missing?

This was my girlfriend's dad's enlarger, and he takes immaculate care of his possessions. With the exception of a little rust on the screws, this enlarger looks like new. I can't wait to fire it up!