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True enough. I contacted the Australian Fuji offiice back in December when I first read about Velvia II. Their professional film rep confirmed that once their backlog of Velvia 50 is gone they will be selling Velvia II into the Australian market.

I'll post their exact response later on today as I cannot access my hotmail from work.

Here is the email as promised sans names of Fuji reps...

Dear Arthur

I've been told by our Professional Film, Product Mangaer that Velvia II will be available when our Velvia 50 runs out. I haven't been given an exact time frame but i would expect in a few months. We should have some more information on when, in early 2007.

Customer Service Representative
FUJIFILM Australia Pty Ltd

114 Old Pittwater Road
Brookvale NSW 2100
Phone: 61 2 9466 2900
Fax: 61 2 9938 4954