Which of you process the film from your wedding jobs?

The last most recent wedding we did was the first one since we stopped doing digital capture and went totally to film.

Here's the situation. I shoot HP5 @ ei800, Dianna shoots chromogenic as rated. I'm almost certain the lab didn't push my film when they ran it. I'm generally satisfied with everything this lab does, as far as labs go, and "push 1 stop" was specified on the order sheet, but we were charged for every item but a push charge, and the negs all look a bit thin and are a little harder to print that I would have expected.

I'm confident I could come up with better negs than the machines at the lab, since I do all my development by inspection, but geeze, that would probably add many days onto the workflow. For six hours of shooting, our roll count was 8 rolls (we still shoot 35mm at weddings) of HP5 and 3 rolls of PortraVC for me and 5 rolls of either PortraBW or T400CN for Dianna.

Regardless, I'd be sending the C41 stuff to the lab, but I'm tempted to try and tackle processing all the conventional b&w stuff myself.

Here's another wrinkle. In our wedding package, we include a CD with a JPEG of every frame we've shot. We get these "proof CDs" from the lab with the processing, so for us, it's an easy way to avoid making a bunch of lab machine orders. They can take the CDs to WalMart or Eckerds and get as many prints as they want. It's the custom print orders we're interested in. I've got a 35mm film scanner that'll do the job just fine, but still, there's the time element. One of the reasons I stopped doing digital capture is that I'd much rather spend my time doing something OTHER than pushing pixels around on a PC (well... Mac.)

Since film usage is way less for a portrait session, it's a no-brainer for me to do the processing for those jobs. It's the wedding stuff I'm in a quandry over.

summary: who processes their own wedding film and why? Between wedding and portrait film, do you process one and not the other?