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And just in case anyone missed it, Simon hs posted the 4x10 product codes in another thread. They are:

FP4+ 25 sheets 1151567
HP5+ 25 sheets 1151578

And he also stated they are willing to extend the deadline on 4x10 orders by about a week. Hopefully, there will be enough total 4x10 orders to get it cut this time.

We placed our order with Wynit this afternoon totaling 150 boxes in 15 different flavors. A few of the sizes (14x17 and 6.5x8.5) Wynit tells me they have in stock!

I want to thank everyone who ordered film, I hope Ilford feels the program is a success.

As far as I know we can still add 4x10 (and maybe other sizes) to the order though next week.


Fred Newman