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KW if you want a stainless steel canister and top with reels (for 35mm and 120) you can have them for a meager as I won't have to deal with any shipping. Say $5. That's cheaper than you can buy just one of the reels for.
Oh Yes!

Too bad I didn't start this thread a day earlier. I'm about to hit the sack so I can wake up at 3:30 or 4 and start processing before kiddo wakes up.

I mainly need the reels, though, Jeremy. I'll find some cheap rubbermaid something or other to put them in during processing, since I stay dark during processing and don't even put a lid on my tanks. In fact, when I do sheet film, I line up a bunch of clear plastic CD cubes that are just the right size to hold a stack of stainless steel 4x5 holders.

Then again... maybe I can do minimal agitation and development by inspection with a stack of reels if all the film was exposed similarly, for the same job at the same time. I could inspect the top reel, then assume about the rest of the stack based on it.

Does anyone who does DBI have an opinion about whether that idea will work?