We had rain last weekend so I printed instead of going shooting. The Azo and Ilford prints are ready. I will send them out as soon as I get everyone's address and e-mail. I have sent a PM to everyone that signed up.

The image I chose is posted on APUG; its the Yates Center Elevator. The Azo version is printed just like the one posted in the Standard Gallery on grade 2 Azo. The Ilford version is printed on MG IV. It was exposed under the enlarger light. I used a grade 2 multicontrast filter to get the contrast as close as I could to the Azo print.

Both were printed using Michael A. Smith's Amidol formulas. I added an extra couple shots of bromide to get a slight warmtone. For the Ilford prints, 60 ml of BB compound were added per Michael's formula for enlarging paper.

All the prints received identical post-development processing which included 4 minutes in selenium toner, 1:100 dilution.

To keep this fair and "blind", I am not making any judgements of my own as to which version I like best. I have asked to hear back from the participants what their individual judgement is. If none of the participants object, I will post their opinions without names in this thread.

Looking forward to seeing what transpires.