I cannot comment on the merits or otherwise of the filter drawers on the Beseler 23C enlarger but I thought I would suggest that you be careful on the choice of VC filters. Unfortunately not all paper manufacturers provide filters exclusively for the paper they market, generally it is suggested that you use either Ilford or Kodak (at least that's the situation in the UK). Some years ago when Agfa first released MCC they too suggested that Ilford or Kodak filters would be suitable for their paper. At the time I was writing for a British magazine and carried out comprehensive tests on the paper. I used both the filters suggested by Agfa and their published dial in filter factors if using a colour head on the enlarger. The results where significantly different so I spoke to Agfa who agreed, and promptly manufactured the correct filters and asked me to test them. They produced exactly the same result as the Afga dial in factors. I still have the filters although they are no longer made. The reason for relating this story is, I think quite clear, the filters should be designed exclusively for the paper.

Thankfully I don't have to use filters for I have a Zone VI VC enlarger, a Kaiser and an LPL colour head enlarger in my darkroom. When asked about VC enlarging when I teach workshops I recommend a colour head enlarger rather than a B&W head that requires filters. At least with a colour head you can work out filtration factors that best suit your tastes and when papers are tweaked by the manufacturer you can adjust those factors.