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Ok folks, everyone has heard that George (copake ham) was the unfortunate winner of the Jan & Feb assignment and as winner he has agreed to pick the next subject and also preside as judge. He has informed me that he has an idea (I'm sure he has more than one ... ) and he plans to reveal all very shortly, so .....

.... stay tuned ....
Thanks John.

I want to follow on John's lead and choose an assignment that is accessible and straightfoward. But that doesn't mean you should "dampen" your creative interpretations.

The March/April 2007 MSA subject is.....

drum roll, please.....

"Working Horses"

The idea is to show a horse (or horses) actively engaged in some kind of work. See the first image below for an example. I took this last week at the Tucson Rodeo where I learned that these buckin' broncos are special performers and live on a ranch in OK with thousands of acres to roam on when they are not "doing a show".

The only prohibition in choosing a shot is to exclude "portraits" of horses just standing around. Although there is an example below (see second image) of a permitted loophole. In this case, an old shot I took of a working horse (NYC street carriage) taking an "oat break" between customers.

Oh, and by horses, I really mean any member of the Equus family so mules, cart ponies or even circus zebras etc. are certainly welcome. Just so long as they are clearly "working".

BTW, there is one other prohibition, folks are not permitted to enter a picture of their boss seated behind a desk by claiming he/she is a jackass!

Like John, I'm a liberal and supportive "judge" - so please don't hesitate to submit a photo. Oh, and extra "points" are clearly awarded for those who show horses working in "unusual" occupations. With that, I'll warn you that John already has a great idea in that category!

Finally, as it is an "assignment" please try to enter new photos rather than "archival" ones like my second shot!

Good luck to all!