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I personally just like to piss off those who are stuck in Cold War mentallity, I don't follow traditional ideologies.
But, we are turning the thread into a political one just to please them.
Happy birthday Harry!
Quite honestly there's almost nothing anyone here can say that would piss me off. However, I suspect you really don't know what's going on in Venezuela. I do because I live with a Venezuelan woman and have traveled there several times and I have lots of friends who live there and I hear about all of the things he's doing to chip away at the legal/political system and is slowly becoming a dictator. I've met a woman (or her husband who is a pediatrician) who is not allowed to be hired by any company by law because she campaigned for the opposition in one of the former presidential elections. I've met people who are forced to allow any homeless person that walks by to live with them just because there are extra bedrooms in the house not being used. I've met people who have had houses taken away and give to others just because it was vacation house and not something they lived in all the time.

Lots of bad things going on down there now. Whether you agree with me or not, I really don't care.