Well, it certainly looks like this round is going to be popular - so far 28 people (including myself) have signed up for this round and it's only the third day of the sign-up! I'm very happy to see that quite a few of the people who made Round 9 such a great success, as well as some new people (welcome!), have already signed up - this is shaping up to be another great round.

Just a quick word about the number of postcards for those who said they would print the maximum number of cards. If this round gets to be overly large and anyone feels that it has surpassed their ability, or level of interest, to print, just let me know what your revised max is and I will be sure that you don't go over that number. I know that one of the rounds before I took over was a whopping 50+ cards, which was just awesome when it came time to check the mail box, but a real challenge (at least for me) during printing.

Anyway, I'll keep you all posted on the numbers as the month goes on so that everyone knows where we stand for this round. Thanks to everyone who has signed up so far!

- Randy