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Thanks everyone. I checked the lightseals last night, and yes, they are crumbling, especially around the take-up spool. I will see if I can fix it myself.

I did have a surf around looking at the various alternatives suggested and I really liked the look of the Soviet cameras - the FED 4 in particular. Has anyone used them? How do the Soviet rf's compare to the Canon/Olympus?
I have a collection of FEDs - and I use them. They are somewhat clunky but are good picture takers and the Lanthanum glass lenses (Industar-61 f2.8/52mm), standard equipment on the FED 4 and FED 5 are very good lenses, indeed. They (FED 4s & FED 5s) typically sell for less than $50. new.

Russian/Ukrainian quality control is - problematic. That is one reason why the prices are low.