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For years I was able to purchase Red Rose tea down here in NYC in just about any supermarket. Used to even have a collection of those little porcelin "charms" they put in the boxes.

Not sure if I can still get it - but only because I haven't looked. My wife has "improved" my tea tastes beyond the orange pekoe blends so nowadays I favor a nice smoky Lapsong Suchang from one of the "specialty" purveyors!
George: The Red Rose blend was downgraded ("New and Improved!") some time ago, so even if you could still purchase it in NYC, it wouldn't be the same.

I'm with you, though on the favourite... Lapsong Suchang is my choice for black/fermented teas. I call it "peat moss tea"; a good Islay malt as a chaser seems appropriate.