For what it's worth, I'll second the vote for the Mamiya C220/C330 setup. I've never used the Rollei nor the Minolta so I can't comment. The couple of Yashicamats that I've used were ok, delivering quite nice images, but I couldn't get past that dark focusing screen problem that made focussing and composing so difficult. I own 2 C220 bodies and a few lenses in several focal lengths. Yes, they are big compared to the other offerings, but that's of little consequence. They are not so big that you can't use them as walking about cameras, and I find the extra weight an advantage in overcoming camera shake at slower shutter speeds. The image quality of the lenses is superb, on par with the best of lenses out there today in practical use. If you can find a good one out there with an 80mm lens, grab it. You won't be disappointed.