I haven't shot 4x5 B&W in years and years because my enlarger only takes up to 6x7 but I have a 4x5 view camera and 4x5 reels for my JOBO so I thought it would be cool to shoot some even though I would only be able to contact it until perhaps I stumble upon a good deal on an enlarger.

So I order a couple of packs of J&C 100. I wait a week for it to arrive, excited and ready to do some LF shooting this holiday weekend. I can't believe it! The film is too wide to fit in a standard 4x5 holder???? I tried it in both Lisco and Fidelity holders and no luck, it won't go in without buckling! When compared to a sheet of Ektachrome it is about 1/16th of an inch wider. How the heck do people shoot this stuff? I can't be the first person to get stuck like this. Why no warning? Are there any other films that I need to avoid? I guess I'll load up my rollfilm back until I can order some Kodak or Ilford sheets.