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I grew up in Saskatchewan (70's) and most of us cheered for the Habs. One guy down the street was a Leaf's fan. We snow-balled his house regularly. I live in BC now and "Leaf's" is a four-letter word here.
Anyways, what is a Zeiss Ikon Rangefinder system??
I never understood the blind devotion of Leafs fans, I figure they all drank the kool aid.

The Zeiss Ikon Rangefinder system is a 35mm rangefinder camera using the same lensmount as the Leica M mount Cameras (M7, M8, MP etc). It is made for Carl Zeiss by Cosina and the lens system has some really nice pieces of glass. The ZI system is priced between the Voightlander and Leica and to my knowledge Rob of Big Camera Workshops is the only dealer north of the imaginary line.

I know where I am getting my 50 f2 Planar when I am ready to buy.

PS I am partial to loose leaf earl gray from the House of Tea in Toronto.