I have had excellent results from Forte papers, both the very cold polygrade (esp in cold tone dev) and very warm polywarmtone (in anything pretty well). If you cannot get good prints from these papers there is not much point looking elsewhere. Take care if you wish to selenium tone either as they tone REAL FAST. Dilute selnium to 1+19 at least! I do not care for PWT in thiocarbamide as it loses loads of desity in shadows. Use selnium first to nail blacks down. have used Jessops VC RC - it is identical as far as I can tell to Agfa MC RC premium in other words superb. Great blacks on quite a bright white base - IMHO far better than Ilford MGIV RC. NOt much to choose from, but at least they stock some of teh best papers in the world - Forte, which incidentally are briliant for lith work, handy eh?