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So standing can get tiring if you're doing a lot of sheet film processing all at once. Planning ahead, I'm trying to dig up some decent stools for darkroom work. It would need to be adjustable in height and preferably not have a fabric seat (absorbent furniture in the darkroom = lose). It seems like I found a good one from some industrial supplier a while back, but can't find it now. Any suggestions?

call 1-800-421-2264 It's a Williams-Sonoma group company called Holdeverything.

IRONING CHAIR, adjusts to 13 positions; powder-coated steel, navy cotton cushion.
15 x 6 x 44" H.
reg. $69 [color=#c86550]sale $49.99 [/color]

[color=#c86550]This is the one I use. I didn't get the ironing board just the chair. It's great, and has the versitility to be folded up when you don't want the thing in the way. It can be sat on frontward or backward.[/color]