I went to Focus on the Wednesday, and contrary to what others may think, I came away encouraged.

1. Fuji did have part of its stand dedicated to, and marketing strongly, their film products. They have started a new brand "Choose Film" and there were people in red shirts with "Choose Film" on them and a logo of a 35mm canister and film tail. The Choose film brand is in conjunction with their new website www.choose-film.com They were also giving away stickers and by Wednesday they had run out - especially the ones "I love trannies"

2. There was the new Paterson range of chemicals - that so many people said would not happen. They tell me that they are bing mixed in Germany and to typically strict German quality control.

3. There was a mobile Darkroom performing demonstrations.

Plus lot of other encouraging things, including of course the Ilford stand - yes it had their new FB inkjet range which they were taking the opportunity to launch, but, nevertheless, it was very nuch an alanogue stand.

Also, I can concur with the above about Simon's incredible memory - he even remembed what type of car I drove!

I feel that the hysteria of digital and the decline of analogue is now begining to settle down and, whilst, as we all know, digital has the lion's share of the market, I had the feeling that people are seeing analogue as viable again, and some of the big players are seeing an important market, now stabilised, whome they can target.