Holga 120N
Holga 120S
Coronet Six-20 TLR box camera which is prone to random shutter speed generator and being unable to turn either 120 or 620 spindles even though the front says it takes both.
Brownie No.2 Model E
Brownie No.2 Model F (gosh, you mean I can have tripod mounts with my bulb mode now?)
Nokina NK3030 (crap 35mm but the flash+bracket is LOVELY)
Should have an Ilford Sporti on its way from ebay sometime this week... Looks like it's a Holga breathern just made well before Dianas and Holgas.
I have a Zenit EM too but I don't count that as it seems more or less like a proper SLR, just not a very good one.

There's a quadcam (the unbranded version of lomo's action sampler) kicking around here but that's my husband's and two of its screws have fallen out and it's being held together with tape at the moment...