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Since when was Fuji making 8mm film recently? And since when was there a 25 ASA film from Fuji? Man I really missed those ones! I would be happy if they just put Velvia 50 II into Super 8mm cassettes so I can use them in my camera with its in-camera meter sans filter.
Fuji actually never stopped making 8mm film - Single 8mm - exactly the same size and perforations as Super8, just Fuji's own system with different film cartrdges (which are superior to Super8 cart's in that the pressure plate is incorporated into the camera not the cart.)

We all thought it was the end when they announced the discontinuation of production last year - but in January the U-turn - also for the lab - the 8mm film is not an E6 process film but something else (not quite sure what) a bit like Kodachrome in that sense, but I don't think as complicated.