"American Frame" has been reliable and the frames are excellent quality. You can purchase "washed glass" from a glass supplier (tell them the glass is specifically for picture frames). Buy a full case (23 pcs.) and you'll save the aggravation of having to clean each piece of glass. The cost for frames (16x20) and glass will be around $10. I've found the "inexpensive" frames from stores to be poor quality compared to Neilson frames. American Frame sells cardboard corner protectors for $.20 each. They are invaluable for protecting frames for transport and storage.
Also, since you live in New York State, check into a grant from New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA.org). The SOS Grant for individual artists is designed especially for career advancement opportunities. If there is a local community arts council, they should have applications available and will perhaps provide assistance in filling it out. The grant is for up to $600 or so. Save any receipts for your supplies for your exhibition. After having received a grant, I was asked to sit on a selection committee and discovered they really want to make the money available to artists.