Hiya all!
I just thought that I'd do the polite thing and introduce myself, as I expect to be spending quite a bit of time here nosing around trying to pick up as many tips as possible!
I live in the far North-East of Scotland, in a fairly rural area, so I find myself mostly taking landcape shots of some description or another.
The only film camera that I have is a 1980 Zenit-E SLR, with which I still find myself wrestling with the settings!
I've only been taking photos since May of this year, and so have so much to learn it's hysterical!
I hope that one day I can produce some shots that wouldn't look out of place here, but thats a long way off for now.
Like Andy K I am a member on other photography sites, and find them quite good fun/useful, but with the prevalence of digital manipulation, I feel that (especially as a novice) using such methods as a crutch would be a bad habit to get into, and would result in lazy practices.
So I am here to stay quiet and learn! (maybe one day to contribute something worthwhile!)