I have used PMK for about 3 years now. I try to leave and go to a different combo but I keep coming back. I do get full flim speed from PMK. It might be too grainy in 35. I don't shoot that format so I don't know. ONe other thing, start the mix at the ratio of 1:2:100 I usually do 1 ml 2 ml and 100 ml. I mix them all together as the last thing I do before the lights go off. I used to resoak for 2 minutes in spent PMK but don't do that anymore. You will see the stain get more intense in the wash water. One last thing, just wash the film for 20 minutes or so. The hypo clear will reduce the amount of stain at least that is the common theory. One less step so I just do it that way. The negs might be a little on the thin side but according to Gordon that is ok just print them. Densitometers without a blue channel will have a hard time reading the densities because of the stain.

good luck,