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I was given a sample of Diaxtol by Barry Thornton but the results were appalling and I followed the instructions to the letter. I know of other photographers who had the same experience. However and in fairness I have spoken to photographers who swear by it.

I&#39;m getting lots of good and encouraging replies in this forum and it seems as though PMK is coming out tops. I&#39;ll give it a try when I get the chemistry. Thanks for the tip about Ed&#39;s web site. </td></tr></table><span class='postcolor'>
Les, was this the two step or the one step procedure you tried? I have heard the two step is very unreliable and that most people just went and settled for the one step. I have not tried it, and at the prices the stuff is selling for I probably never will.

David, There really is not much more to it, as with most developers you have to experiment a little to get the results you wish. After most of the experimenting is done I find I am back to the same original stuff I was using. One thing is for sure I never would go back to a "regular" developer for my films.