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I have looked at the Ilford website and the Ilfochrome description is the same as the Cibachrome of the past except now it is available in three contrast grades instead of one. I don't know if the material is branded differently in the UK than in the US, but it seems to be exactly the same as the Cibachrome enlargements we have had made in the past, with the same luminous, almost porcelain or metallic glow. It is said to last 25 years unprotected and 50 years behind glass.
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If it be true that the new Inforchrome process in now the same as the old Cibachrome the there must have been quite a turn around by Ilford as the processes are in the reverse.

With the original colour printing papers such as R14 by Kodak and Ilfords equilivant, the colour is introduced into the emulsion by chemical action.

By contrast, Cibachrome has the colour dyes pre-coated into the emulsion at the manufacturning stage, the processing removes those not required for the final image. I hope I have made my point.