I am reading a few books on photography and I just cannot get something through my head...
I keep seeing things about 'pushing' and 'pulling' film and it seems that every explanation is just a bit beyond where I am...like all the authors have so much knowledge that you cannot even conceive that someone needs to start at ground zero!
I use Ilford Delta 100. I develop my film in Ilfosol-S and Ilford Rapid Fixer. Same with the prints (but use developer for paper there).
Here are my questions...
1. Why would I change the speed of the film when I put it in the camera...like setting the ISO to some other number?
2. Would I make it higher or lower?
3. How would making the change to the film affect developing the film? Like if I currently develop for 6 minutes, would I still do that, or pick a time that corresponds to whatever I set the ISO number to on my camera?
4. What would I expect to see on my prints as a result of this?

So, as you can see I am really not understanding this concept and I'd really like to! So thanks in advance for any help you can give me!