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Knowing Ebony, their holders would make Toyo and Linhof-branded holders seem cheap. I would be interested to hear what they're doing as far as the film holder issue is concerned.
That Ebony uses holders made by Lotus. They're based on Lotus' 8x10 holder design, i.e. T dimension and lock rib location per the 8x10 standard, but length and width reduced to match the smaller film.

I'd be interested in Fotoman holders, both 5x7 and 6.5x8.5, if they were indistinguishable from Toyo in terms of build quality and tolerances, but would hope for one aspect to be different -- smell. See this thread:


I recently purchased a couple of new 4x5 Toyo holders to find out whether anything changed and it hasn't. They've been airing out (in the garage) for three months now. The stench is somewhat diminished, but has quite a way to go before it's acceptable. Despite that, I committed to participate in the Toyo 5x7 special order with hope that sufficient time would make them tolerable to my olfactory system.

If Fotoman were to manufacture 6.5x8.5 holders, I'd encourage it to pattern them after those Lotus made for the new Ebony SV Wholeplate camera.