I shifted from a field camera to an Arca-Swiss f Line field Camera. So I have the same issues that you now "enjoy." I found the Dykinga Lowe bag too heavy and too costly. I use an F 64 BPX bag. It swallows the Arca Swiss, and five-six lenses, meter, extra rail, film, etc. For a bit exra protection, I bought a lapttop sleeve and "customized" (AKA cannabilized) it for the camera, with lens and bellows ready to mount on the tripod block that stays on my Arca head. The pack subdivides well, and I like it because the lenses are contained in a separate compartment. Therefore, the shelf above the camera bears no significant weight. Essentially I have a large cushioned box for camera, extra bellows, rail, darkcloth, closeup glasses, etc. above which in a separate compartment ride my heavier equipment. On each side I have the ability to lash in extra compartments or lash in a tripod. And if I want I can pack my gnassgear readyloader kit there also.
I am certain other packs will work. I tried customizing a Kelty backpack but found essentially that the cost and hassle of doing that was more than the F64 pack. And the latter, for me, is better built and more comfortable to tote.

Bob Moulton